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Our Best Selling Jamis Bikes

The Most Popular Jamis Bikes at Eddie's - "the People's Choice Awards"

Here we have compiled a list and description of our best selling, most popular bicycles from the Jamis brand. Year after year, these are the models that our customers seem to like the best. Most of these models happen to be our favorites, too. They are all great bikes, no doubt about it, which is why we decided to feature them on our website. You'll find a good sampling of bikes from vastly different categories. There will be some hybrids, some mountain bikes, some cruiser-style bikes, a few cyclocross/adventure/gravel bikes, and possibly a few more.


No.1 Road Bike

posted Oct 29, 2015, 3:15 PM by Employee EddiesBikes   [ updated Nov 19, 2015, 2:44 PM ]

Roads?  Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads...

Our best selling road bike is not exactly a road bike, it is a cyclocross bike, or adventure road bike. For the past few years, more of our road bike customers have elected to purchase a cyclocross bike instead of going with an actual road racing bike. Why?  Well, for lots of reasons actually. First and foremost, people don't want to be limited to just plain old road riding. Most people looking for a bike with drop bars, also want a bike that can tackle different types of terrain, rather than just riding alongside the road. Cyclocross bikes are not so limited in where they can go. Gravel roads, rails-to-trails, and even singletrack mountain bike trails can be ridden with a cyclocross bike. Road bikes do not perform well off pavement, the tires are just too narrow. Cyclocross bikes do well off-road mainly because of the tires, which have more volume and more tread than road tires. The extra volume and the tread provides the float and the traction you need to ride off-road comfortably and efficiently. This type of off-road riding has become increasingly more popular over the last decade, and has spawned yet another category in the cycling industry that has come to be known as adventure riding, or gravel riding. The adventure riding movement is gaining a lot of traction right now. Who wants to ride alongside a busy highway with motorists zipping by while they text messages on their smart phone?  Nobody. Cyclocross bikes and adventure bikes let you ride wherever you want; off-road, on-road, or light trails. These bikes also make much better all weather commuters than road bikes do, too. Aside from being the better tire choice for inclement weather, cyclocross and adventure bikes are also typically equipped with disc brakes, which stop way better than rim brakes do when they are wet. During the winter months, disc brakes are invaluable to an all weather rider.

The Transition from Cyclocross to Adventure

So, the adventure category is rather new. Jamis is one of the bicycle companies really spearheading the adventure road bike category. The Renegade carbon bikes led the charge in 2015, and they have been getting rave reviews from every major cycling publication. In 2012, Jamis introduced a new $1200 cyclocross bike, the Nova Race, disc brake equipped, and it did really, really well. Disc brakes on drop bar bikes was relatively new at the time, but they were gaining popularity. The following year, Jamis released the Nova Sport, and $800 version of the Nova Race. The Nova Sport has dominated our road bike sales ever since 2013. But this year, there is no more Nova Sport, and the Renegade Exile has replaced it. Why? Well, there are some subtle differences between a cyclocross bike and an adventure road bike. The cyclocross bikes are meant for cyclocross racing, whereas adventure road bikes are designed for adventure riding. The different types of riding dictate the frame's design. We won't be going into all that detail here, but feel free to ask us to explain it all if you drop by the shop sometime. For the time being, let it suffice to say that if you want to race cyclocross, get a cyclocross bike, if you don't want to race cyclocross, get an adventure bike. Simple enough, right?

So, in conclusion, the $800 Nova Sport has been our number one selling road bike for a few years now, but it has been replaced with a slightly better suited model, the Renegade Exile. The Exile is the entry-level adventure road bike, after that there are two steel models, and two carbon fiber models. 

Runner Up - the Jamis Quest Elite

The Jamis Quest Elite is our second best selling road bicycle, and one of our favorites from Jamis. The Quest Elite is a steel road bike with performance oriented geometry. It is ideal for randonneuring or even light touring, but it is also a perfect choice for anyone who wants a solid, light weight, comfortable-riding road bike. The geo is more relaxed than a bonafide racing bike, making it more appealing to many riders. On the Quest Elite, Jamis spec'd Reynolds 631 seamless air-hardened chromoly main tubes, size-specific- tubing diameters, with a sloping top tube design, in addition to double-tapered heat-treated stays, reinforced head tube collars, lost wax dropouts and fender/rack mount eyelets. The fork is Jamis carbon fiber with forged alloy dropouts and fender mount eyelets. Pairing a carbon fork with a steel frame makes for one heckuva nice riding bike! The Quest Elite usually comes with a Shimano 105 level component spec; great performance without breaking the bank. The Quest Elite has been featured in numerous bicycle-related publications, and it has gotten great reviews every single time. Quest Review   Bicycle Times Quest Review  Improbable Insights Quest Review   Velophoria Jamis Quest Review   BikeRadar on the Quest 

Nova Sport - Cyclocross

2014 jamis nova sport cyclocross gravel bike

Renegade Exploit - Adventure Steel

2016 jamis renegade exploit adventure road bike

Renegade Exile - Adventure Aluminum

2016 renegade exile gravel bike adventure road bike best seller

Renegade Expert - Adventure Carbon

2016 jamis renegade expert carbon adventure road bike

Renegade Expat - Adventure Steel

2016 jamis renegade expat adventure road bike

Renegade Elite - Adventure Carbon

2016 jamis renegade elite carbon adventure road bike

No.1 Crusier Bicycle

posted Oct 28, 2015, 11:34 AM by Employee EddiesBikes   [ updated Oct 28, 2015, 11:36 AM ]

Jamis Hudson Series - Recreational Riding at its Finest

The Jamis Hudson series is the perfect choice for cyclists who value comfort over speed. The Hudson is a recreational bicycle; it is purpose built for having fun, relaxing, and enjoying the benefits of cycling in a low impact way. The Hudson is offered in a few different configurations, thus adding to its popularity. First off, there's standard frames and step-thru frames. If you normally have trouble lifting your leg up to get on a bicycle, chances are you won't have any trouble getting onto a step-thru Hudson. See the pics below of the step-thru frames. The step-thru models are very easy to get on or off, quickly and easily. It is also important to note that step-thru frames are not "girl's" bikes. The step-thru frame benefits men and women alike. The next feature on the Hudson's really sets the Hudson apart from other cruiser-style bicycles; the pedal-forward design.

Forward Thinking - the Pedal-Forward Design

The pedal-forward design on the Hudson is one of the main reasons this bike has been so popular. The pedal-forward design on the Hudson places the bottom bracket further ahead of the rider than a traditional frame. The bottom bracket is the axle around which the pedals rotate. By placing the bottom bracket a bit further in front of the rider, the saddle height can be set lower relative to the ground. Full leg extension is still achieved while pedaling, but the saddle is lower to the ground, so the rider can place their feet on the ground while remaining seated on the saddle. Many recreational riders value this feature. Hudson riders feel more secure on the Hudson because they can put their feet on the ground quickly without tipping over. But, its not hard to make the bike go since the rider is still getting full leg extension. This is a fabulous feature on a recreational bike. It is really nice to be able to stop, put your feet down, sit comfortably on your bike and take in the scenery once in a while. Especially on the memory foam saddle the Hudson comes equipped with, it is very comfortable! Another comfortable feature on the Hudson is the upright riding position.

Upright Riding Position

The Hudson has a very upright riding position, which reduces the pressure on your hands, and gives the rider a more commanding view of their surroundings. The riser handlebar and the quill stem make it very easy to adjust the height of the handlebars to suit every rider.

Lightweight & Maneuverable 

The Hudson's are lightweight, easily maneuverable cruiser bikes. Hudson's typically weigh in at under 30lb. (depending on size and gearing configuration) For a cruiser bike, the Hudson has a pretty short wheelbase, making them more maneuverable than other cruiser bike designs.

Gearing Options

The Hudson comes in a few different gearing combinations. The Hudson Easy has just one speed with a coaster brake, making it the simplest Hudson available, but not the best choice for riding in hilly areas. The Hudson Easy 3 has an internally geared hub with three speeds and a coaster brake. The Hudson Easy 3 is a great choice if you desire a simple bike with some range for traversing gently rolling terrain or moderately hilly areas. It has an easy gear, a flat land gear, and a go-fast gear. The Hudson Sport has a traditional, external drivetrain with a rear derailleur and a single chain ring with 7 gears in the rear. This is the best option for traversing more hilly terrain and longer distances. Until just this year, the Hudson Sport Deluxe was our favorite Hudson model. The Hudson Sport Deluxe had an internally geared 7 speed rear hub, which is a dream to shift, and basically needs very little maintenance. Fortunately, although Jamis discontinued the Sport Deluxe model for 2016, we still have a great many Hudson Sport Deluxe's here at Eddie's Bicycles and hockey Equipment.

Stop in today and test ride a Hudson!  Check out the Hudson's in greater detail on the Jamis website.  Recreational Bicycles  There will find other recreational models from Jamis as well, like the Citizen, a 700c comfort hybrid, and the Explorer, a 26" wheel comfort mountain bike.

Hudson Sport Step Thru

jamis hudson sport cruiser bicycle step thru frame

Hudson Sport

jamis hudson sport cruiser bicycle pedal forward design

Hudson Easy 3 Step Thru

hudson easy 3

No.1 Mountain Bike

posted Oct 22, 2015, 3:45 PM by Employee EddiesBikes   [ updated Oct 27, 2015, 11:09 AM ]

The Jamis Dragon Series

Our best selling mountain bike comes from the Jamis Dragon series. The Dragon Sport is our No.1 selling mountain bike. The Dragon Sport is the most inexpensive model in the Jamis Dragon family, and it is offered as a 29er or as a 650B. The Dragon Sport strikes that perfect balance between price and quality, which is undoubtedly why it has been our best selling mountain bike. At only $1300, the Dragon Sport is the perfect bike for the budget-conscious mountain biker who wants to ride hard and fast. First off, there's the Reynolds 520 double-butted chromoly frame that comes with a Lifetime Guarantee from Jamis. Then, there's a 100-120mm suspension fork with an air spring, be it an X-Fusion or Rock Shox, depending on the model year. Next, you'll be very satisfied with the performance of the Shimano Deore-level 2x10 drivetrain, and the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. Shimano's new Deore 10spd group is turning a lot of heads these past few years as it has been getting high praise from a lot of different publications. The Dragon Sport's cockpit is usually spec'd with Ritchey components, making it trail-worthy right from the start. The Dragon Sport has been our best selling mountain bike for a few years now, but its not the only Dragon available from Jamis.

The Dragon has a long and glorious history with Jamis Bicycles. The Dragon was first hatched back in 1993. Back then, the frame was constructed with Tange Prestige steel tubing, which was fillet welded, then plated, and then hand polished. It made for one beautiful, nice-looking bike! Later, In 1997, the Dragon was offered in the world-renowned Reynolds 853 tubing, making it one of the very first USA production bicycles to feature the legendary 853 tubesets. Today, the Dragon series is continuing that tradition, offering a strong, durable, lightweight mountain bike that has an unbelievably smooth ride. If you take a look below, you can see the 2016 Dragon lineup. It includes the Dragon Sport, 29 or 650B, and the Dragon Pro 650, the all-new Dragonslayer 650 Plus, and the also all-new Dragonfly 650B female specific mountain bike.

The Dragon Pro is the upgraded version of the Dragon Sport. Instead of a Reynolds 520 chromoly frame, the Dragon Pro is has the Reynolds 853 air hardened, heat treated chromoly frame, which is lighter than Reynolds 520, and every bit as strong. Some people would say that the 853 frame has a nicer ride quality than Reynolds 520, too, but that's more a matter of opinion. In addition to the more expensive tubing, the Pro model frame has some other nice upgraded features, such as: am over-sized 31.6 seat tube, a 44mm head tube for running forks with tapered steerer tubes, and sliding rear dropouts (for single-speed conversions) with 12x142 thru-axle. Big upgrades there! The Dragon Pro is also going to have a nicer, more expensive component spec. The Pro also comes stock with a dropper post. Nice!

Then, we have the Dragonslayer!  My new favorite bike from Jamis Bikes is the Dragonslayer. The Dragonslayer has 650B wheels, BUT instead of a regular width tire, the 'Slayer has 45mm wide rims and 3" wide tires. The increase in tire volume improves traction and float. The Dragonslayer is definitely one of the hot new bikes for 2016, and it has been getting rave reviews from every publication that has tested it. Check out our blog post on the Dragonslayer!

Last, but certainly not least, is the all-new Femme Specific 650B steel hardtail from Jamis Bikes, the Dragonslayer. The only complaint Jamis received on the new 650B steel hardtails they began offering a few years ago was that there was not a female specific version, so Jamis fixed that mistake in 2016, and is now proudly unveiling the Dragonfly. It is a beautiful bike, with a much cooler looking frame than even the men's models have! The frame obviously has more standover clearance, and the paint job is brilliant. Check it out on Jamis's website for a more detailed look!  Dragonfly

The Jamis Dragons are awesome mountain bikes, there's no doubt about it. But, they're not the only amazing, hella-cool, mountain bikes Jamis has to offer. Check out the Jamis website, Mountain Bikes, and take a look at the other hardtails, and the full suspension bikes Jamis has to offer. 

Come by our shop and test ride a Dragon today!

Dragon 29 Sport $1299

2016 dragon 29 sport

Dragon Sport 650  $1299

2016 dragon sport 650b mountain bike

Dragon Pro 650  $2899

2016 Dragon pro 650B mountain bike

Dragonslayer 650+

2016 dragonslayer 650 plus mountain bike

Dragonfly Female-specific 650B

2016 jamis bikes dragonfly female mountain bike 650B

No.1 Hybrid Bicycle

posted Oct 12, 2015, 3:47 PM by Employee EddiesBikes   [ updated Oct 28, 2015, 8:03 AM ]

The Jamis Coda Series

The Coda model is our No. 1 best selling Jamis bicycle. The Coda's are flat bar, 700c, hybrid, multi-speed bicycles, which are perfect for riding just about everywhere and doing everything the average bicyclist is looking to achieve these days. Take it on road or gravel rides. Its perfect for rails-to-trails adventures. The Coda's make great commuter bikes, too, easily equipped with racks and fenders and other accessories. The Coda rides so nice and smooth, that most test riders come back grinning ear to ear; we like to call it the, "Coda Smile."  The Coda has a lot of great features that make it such a popular choice, and it offered in both unisex and female specific geometries.

What is a "flat bar 700c hybrid multi-speed?

Well, it's just a lot of words to describe a simple bike really. The Coda has a flat handlebar, not like a drop handlebar on a road bike, but a flat bar like a mountain bike. Most people are already comfortable with mountain bike bars, shifters, and brakes. The height of the bar can be easily adjusted up or down via the stem, to achieve a desired riding position. Whether the handlebars are upright and comfortable, or low and aggressive, is up to you. 700c is a term to describe the size of the wheel. A 700c rim is the same size as a road bike rim and a 29er mountain bike rim, so its a big wheel, which makes pedaling more efficient. Now, road tires are very skinny and mountain bike tires are really fat, a hybrid 700c bike's tires will reside anywhere in between. Typically, hybrid bikes have a tire within the range of 700X32c to 700cX40c. These hybrid tires come in a variety of different tread patterns as well as different sizes. The tire tread you choose should reflect the type of surface you ride on the most. Off-road riders want more tread, pavement riders want less tread, and of course, some people are going to want a tire that does both equally well. We stock tires to suit everyone. The multi-speed-part should be easy to figure out. There's typically 21, 24, 27, or even 30 speeds on a hybrid. There will be easy gears for hill climbing, big gears for going fast, and plenty more in between. And that covers the basics. 

Get to Know the Coda a Little Better

Well, if you're hooked on the Coda so far, you may want to know a little bit more about the frame, the wheels and the components offered on the different models. There are three different models in the Coda series.


The Coda series frames are all made of good ole fashioned double butted chromoly steel. Jamis still values a well-made steel frame, and it is one of the main reasons why we value Jamis so much. Too few bicycle companies focus on steel anymore. The ride quality and durability of a steel frame is unparalleled. Steel is well known for its buttery smooth ride quality. Steel won't beat you up so much when you're riding on rough surfaces. This is why the Coda is our top choice for people who want to ride on pavement and off-road. The frame and fork on the Coda's are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.


The wheels on the Coda are built for durability. Double wall, 32h rims, stainless steel spokes, laced in a triple cross lacing pattern. The tires are Vittoria Randonneur's 700X32c, and thy have a good all-round tread pattern, a reflective sidewall for greater visibility at night, and puncture protection to ward off inconvenient flats.

Sport, Comp, or Elite?

Now, the Coda comes in three different models; Coda Sport, Coda Comp, & Coda Elite. The Coda Sport is the least expensive bicycle, coming in at just $539 this year. Next up is the Comp at $759, and the Elite is the top dog at $979. What's the difference? Well, the frame materials change. Sports have 4130 chromoly frames, Comps and Elites use Reynolds 520, which is just a better steel alloy. The next difference is in the forks. Sports have steel forks, whereas Comps and Elites have carbon fiber forks. Carbon fiber is nice for a fork material because it soaks up bumps even better than steel does. Then, the other differences will be in the component selection. Sports have Shimano Acera level 24 speed drivetrains, and Comps(Acera) and Elites(Deore) have 27 speed drivetrains. The other major difference between the three bikes is in the brakes. Both the Sport and the Comp will have linear pull v-brakes, but the Coda Elite has hydraulic disc brakes. Disc brakes are very nice. Excellent for all weather braking.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it, in a nutshell, that covers the main talking points. Now, its time for a test ride! Stop down to the shop, bring your helmet, or wear one of ours, and take a ride on this brilliant bike. Pictured below you'll see two Coda Comps; one uni-sex, one female specific. If you want to see the entire Coda line-up, check out Jamis website: Coda Series 

You may also want to look at the Allegro Series, DXT - Dual Sport, and Commuters. These are all different versions of flat bar 700c hybrid multi-speed bicycles. All of them are a little different, and focus on different functions. Allegros are more fitness bikes, DXT's are more off-road types, and Commuters are designed with commuting in mind.

Coda Sport

2016 coda sport jamis bicycle

Coda Sport

2016 coda sport

Coda Sport Femme

2016 coda sport femme jamis bicycle hybrid

Coda Comp Femme

2016 coda comp femme jamis hybrid bicycle

Coda Comp

2016 coda comp jamis hybrid bicycle

Coda Elite

2016 coda elite

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