Bicycle Repair

Bicycle Repair ~ How We Roll

We like repairing bikes just as much as we like riding them. So bring your bike in to our bike shop and our expert mechanics will give it back to you good as new. We will repair any brand, make or model of bicycle. Our estimates are Free, there's no need for an appointment, and we guarantee our work. Our turnaround times are usually one day or less, and rarely ever more than a few days. If you have special circumstances, we are more than happy to accommodate you if it is possible. Simple things like flat fixes, broken pedals or broken chains are usually always repaired while you wait. We have a number of different tune-up options for all kinds of  different bikes. We can also assemble and tune bicycles purchased on the internet. It is especially important to have bicycles purchased online assembled by qualified mechanics, or you risk damaging the bicycle, or injuring yourself.  

Walk-in / While You Wait Bicycle Repair Services

Eddie always strives to get simple, easy-to-fix repairs, in and out the door as fast as possible. Things like flat fixes, or emergency brake adjustments, or broken chains, or new gear or brake wire installations, and much more... can usually be taken care of very quickly while you wait. We know your schedules can be busy. We know an unexpected repair can threaten to ruin your day. We will always strive to rise to the challenge of fitting your untimely bicycle repair into your tight schedule, and ours, in order to get simple repairs done as fast as possible. That being said, sometimes, no matter how small the job is, we cannot fit it into our busy schedule. While those situations are rare, they can and will occur, and we kindly ask for your patience and understanding in those rare instances. We will work with you as best we can so you can keep on pedaling!

Hand Built Bicycle Wheels

Hand-built Wheels are built to your specifications or ours. It is a well-known fact that a hand-built wheel will last longer than most any factory-produced, machine-built wheels, there is no doubt about it. Its nice to know that there are still some things that machines can not do better than humans. Investing in your bicycle's wheels is the best thing you can do to upgrade the quality of your ride. Upgrade to better hubs with high quality sealed cartridge bearings, or maybe some lighter rims, or maybe a tubeless wheelset, and you will notice a big difference in the way your bicycle rides. Reducing rotating mass is a great way to make your bike faster. 
Wheel Build.... $55-60 labor (typically)  Includes: Spoke calculation, labor to lace, build, stress, and true, and repeat as often as necessary until a stable, evenly tensioned, very round wheel is achieved that meets or exceeds the customer's expectations. 

Custom Builds & Bicycle Assembly

One of the things we really like to do is assemble custom projects for customers. We can help with everything, or just what you need help with. We can help with frame and component selection and acquisition, or we can put together whatever you have collected yourself. 

We are here to help you build your dream bike.

What We Will Not Work On:

Sorry, but we do NOT service recumbent bicycles. 
Try RBR (Recumbent Bike Riders Inc.)- they specialize in recumbent bicycles.

We do not service exercise equipment.

We have recently become an Official BionX electric bike kit dealer, 
so we will service electric-bikes equipped with ONLY BionX branded systems. 

Unfortunately, however, we do NOT service any other brand of E-bike. 
We also do NOT service gas powered bicycle conversion kits.

You Might Need a Tune Up IF...

Here they are! The tell tale signs you might need to get your bike checked out. It is dangerous enough sharing the road with cars while riding a bicycle, make sure your bike is safe! There are motorists and pedestrians to worry about, and things you haven't even thought of yet. If your bike is not properly tuned, or your equipment is worn out or malfunctioning, you can get seriously hurt. Besides, it is SO much more fun to ride a finely tuned bicycle. Our repair estimates are free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting your bike checked out by an experienced mechanic.

If your bike came from a department store, you might need a tune-up.

Ideally, you should buy a bike from a local bike shop. Good bikes aren't cheap, and cheap bikes aren't any good. But, if you decide to purchase one of these department store bikes, please get it tuned up before you ride it. They are not quality bikes; chances are good that it is not adjusted properly, and the bicycle is unsafe in many ways. Save yourself some time and money and personal injury, and at least stop in and get a free repair estimate. A free estimate costs you nothing, and just might save your life.

If you bought a used bike, you might need a tune-up. A used department store bike, a definite tune-up.

Used bikes can be great bargains ...sometimes. Just be sure to buy a name brand used bicycle. If you buy a used department store bike, you are asking for trouble. Typically, tune-ups, or repairs in general, exceed the cost of the department store bike's original value. These bikes are simply not worth investing in. If you buy an old name brand bicycle, be sure to test ride it first. Check the brake pads for wear. Check the tires for wear. You don't have to be a bicycle mechanic to notice what items on the bike are worn out.  Worn items on a used bike should give you room to negotiate on the price. If you purchase a used bike, bring it in for a free repair estimate.

If your bike is stored outside, uncovered, all year round, you might need a tune-up.

Storing your bicycle outside is one of the worst things you can do for your bicycle, but sadly, some of you have no other choice. If you are forced to do it, get regular check-ups at your local shop. We can lube your gear wires, brake wires, and chain in just a few minutes. Those few minutes we spend doing that could be the difference between life and death for your bicycle. Metal will rust with air and moisture unless it is protected with lubricant. Do not use WD-40. Ask your local bike shop what lube might work best for your bicycle and the conditions it is in.

If you haven't had a tune-up in 3-5 years, you might need a tune-up.

Chances are good, if you ride your bike regularly, you will need a tune-up way before 3-5 years. If you are overdue for a tune-up, at least come in for a free estimate, and get things checked out. We can make that old beloved bike feel like new again. If you think you love your old bike now, just wait till you see what good we can do for it!  If you get regular check-ups, and take care of repairs as they occur, you won't be confronted with huge repair bills very few years.  Taking care of small repairs ahead of time will save you money in the long run.  For instance, a worn chain wears out the cassette faster. Then, the chainrings will wear out next. This forces you to buy a new chain, a new cassette and a new set of chainrings all at once. If you replace the chain right before it is completely worn out, you can continue to use the old cassette, and the chainrings will last for what seems like forever, in comparison.  Chains are cheap, and they should be replaced on average every 1000-1500 miles.  Replacing your chain before it wears out the rest of your drivetrain will save you money.  Your bicycle will perform better, too.