Welcome to Eddie's.

We're a small, friendly neighborhood sports store that happens to deal with two sports you normally don't see together in the same shop; bikes and hockey. While bicycles and hockey equipment are not normally found together, the two sports compliment each other quite well. As the seasons change, when the popularity of one sport fades, the other rises. If you live nearby the State College area, being involved with both bicycles and hockey is not really uncommon, since we have such wonderful venues for both sports here in Happy Valley. There are loads of scenic mountain roads and forested singletrack trails waiting to be explored by road cyclists and mountain bikers, and commuting by bicycle is a highly effective way to get around Penn State campus quickly and efficiently. The Pegula Ice Arena is an enticing reason to dust off your old ice skates, get those old blades sharpened, or maybe even treat yourself to a new pair of ice skates to go with that new ice hockey arena. State College is a great place for both biking and skating, and Eddie's Bicycle's and Hockey Equipment is a great place to get everything you need to cycle or skate.

How can we help you?

We sell quality, affordable new and used bicycles, and we have something in stock from nearly every possible category. Basic fittings are free with every new bike purchase. Professional bicycle fitting services are also available. We are a full service shop; we can and will repair any bicycle, regardless of make or model, and our turnaround times are very fast, usually 24hrs or less. Our estimates are Free, and we Guarantee our work. Flat fixes done while you wait, anytime. We stock a wide selection of bicycle parts and accessories for repairs and for upgrades of all sorts. We are happy to help with any advice we can offer to make your cycling experience more enjoyable.

We also sell ice hockey skates, roller inline hockey skates, and figure skates. When you buy your skates from us, the fitting, the initial blade sharpening, and boot-baking is absolutely free. We can sharpen your ice skates, or replace your wheels. No one will put a better edge on your skates than Eddie. Blade Profiling is available for advanced skaters, please inquire when you visit, it'll be the best thing you can do to improve your ice skating! Various other ice skate services are available: rivet replacement, blade replacement, heel lifts, boot-stretching, and boot-baking. We also have a wide selection of accessories and equipment for hockey players and goalies, as well as figure skaters. All the necessities, and probably even a little more.

Why choose us?

Eddie's Bicycles & Hockey Equipment is a small, friendly bike shop with a personal feel that cannot be equaled by bigger shops. Here at Eddie's, there are only two of us, so you get to talk to the same person you spoke to the last time you were in for a visit. Nice, aye? Nothing gets lost in translation when you actually speak to the mechanic who's about to fix your bicycle, or when you actually speak to the guy who sharpens your skates. We love getting to know our customers, we usually make a lot of friends that way, and we like that about our small, friendly little shop. Even though we may not have the largest bicycle inventory, or the most expensive trendy brands, we believe we bring something to the table that begs your consideration; a friendly, honest approach to genuinely helping people. Eddie has been in business since 1985, and he believes he's only survived this long by treating people kindly and fairly.