Bicycle Lights

Post date: Nov 04, 2015 9:56:12 PM

Let There Be Light!

Another very important bicycle accessory is the front and rear LED bicycle light. Bicycle lights are important for many reasons, the most obvious reason being to see in the dark. Another reason, perhaps even more important but less obvious, would be to be seen easier during the day. Its dangerous out there sharing the roads with motorists. If a motorist is distracted even for a few seconds and does not see a cyclist in time, it could mean the end for the cyclist. Front and rear bicycle lights will ensure that you will be more visible on the road. Modern day LED bicycle lights are now brighter than ever, and the best part is, they are rechargeable lights with Lithium-ion batteries, which save you money. No more spending money on disposable batteries. Just plug and play, and most new LED bike lights are even USB compatible, making it even easier to charge that bike light up wherever you may be. We looked at a lot of different light suppliers before we finally decided to choose Serfas and Knog lights for our customers.

From Serfas, we have lights that are great on the street, or on the trail. We have selected a few different models to offer our customers. Here's what we have in stock:

From Knog, we stock one light in particular that we have just come to lvoe so much, the Knog Blinder 4. The Knog Blinder 4 is very bright, 45 lumens rear and 90 lumens front, and it has a USB rechargeable Li-ion battery. The really cool thing about the Blinder is that the charging port/cable is built right into the light itself. This feature just makes it easier to charge the light wherever you are.

Knog Blinder 4 (front or rear)...$44.95