Jamis Bikes Unveils the All-New DEFCON series Enduro Bikes

Post date: Aug 17, 2015 3:22:18 PM

Jamis's New Enduro Machine - the DEFCON

Jamis Bicycles launched its all new line of enduro mountain bikes during their annual National Sales Meeting last weekend at the company’s global headquarters in Northvale, NJ. The new Defcon Series features three models (Defcon 1, Defcon 2 and Defcon 3), all sharing the same 160mm frame platform. “We started with a blank slate and tweaked this design over the last 2 years,” said Jamis MTB Product Manager Sal Crochiola. “Our goal was to design a modern enduro bike we wanted to ride on the highly technical terrain of our local East Coast trails and a bike that would compete at the highest level of global Enduro racing. We’re really excited about, and super proud of, the performance we’ve built into this new platform.”

At the heart of the new Defcon Series is Jamis’ proven mp4 suspension system. Jamis’ obsession with simplicity, pivot placement and low leverage ratios results in a super sensitive, active and tunable ride with awesome pedaling efficiency. One of the key design considerations for the mp4 system is less stress on shock internals and less maintenance for the rider. Sal continues, “We’re big proponents of actually getting out on your bike, riding more and spending less time fiddling with your suspension to get it working right. We’ve spent years, decades really, refining our pivot placement and stripping complexity out of our suspension designs to allow the shocks to do their job separately.”

The design process for Defcon started on a piece of paper and progressed to multiple 3D models utilizing Jamis’ in-house prototyping systems. Ride samples were produced, tweaked and tested vigorously in the lab and on the trails. “This is the best full suspension mountain bike we’ve ever developed,” says Jamis VP of product development, Greg Webber. “That’s saying a lot considering we introduced our first full suspension bike over 20 years ago.”

Visit defconbikes.com for more information on the new lineup.