BIKE Magazine Reviews the Jamis D29 Team

Post date: Sep 03, 2013 3:24:14 PM

Check out this awesome review from BIKE Magazine on the Jamis D29 Team... one super-light, super-fast 

mountain bike! The Dakota D29 Team is Jamis Bicycle's flagship model carbon hardtail 29er mountain bike. It is a racing hardtail of the highest magnitude. I speak from experience, as a happy owner of the Dakota D29 Team, that this bike is pure, unadulterated speed in bike-form. Of course its light (about 21 lb) but it also has some other amazing characteristics, like an ultra stiff pedaling platform, and ride tuned seat stays that ensure a compliant ride over the harshest, bumpy trails. For a hardtail mountain bike, the D29 Team is amazingly compliant, and it could be the most impressive trait of the carbon hardtail, second only to the power generated through the stiff pedaling platform.