Jamis Bicycles

Jamis Bicycles offers high quality, affordable bicycles in every major category. From road bikes to mountain bikes, from kid's bikes to granny bikes, multi-speeds to single speeds, hardtails to full-suspension rigs; Jamis has it all. We absolutely love Jamis Bicycles. You will be hard pressed to find a better bike for your money. Every Jamis bike has its own unique, amazing ride quality and truly remarkable handling characteristics. 

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Jamis Bicycles rolled out its first bicycle in 1979 and has since built a reputation as a brand unmatched in performance, value, and style. Jamis Bicycles are sold in the US from coast to coast and in over 50 countries worldwide. G. Joannou Cycle, parent company of Jamis Bicycles, was established in 1937 and remains the largest bicycle business in the US under original family ownership. Jamis bikes are the choice of athletes in virtually all disciplines of cycling competition including professional road racing, triathlon, cyclocross and mountain biking. The company also supports elite and "up-and-coming" athletes across the globe and close to home through it's Backyard Racing Program. More information about the company is available at www.jamisbikes.com.

Jamis Bicycles has a long tradition of being pioneers and early adopters of new technology in the bicycle industry. Jamis continues to break ground every year as they refine their designs, make improvements and take bolder steps each year to bring every bicycle enthusiast a bicycle they can truly enjoy for many years to come. First time Jamis customers often stay Jamis customers for life, because they learn the value a great performing product that doesn't break the bank. The Jamis brand bicycles are dollar for dollar a way better bargain than a lot of other big name brand bikes available today. Compare them for yourself, you'll see. Jamis is our primary brand bicycle here at Eddie's. Although Jamis has about 150 models, we try our best to stock a wide selection of all our favorite Jamis Bikes. We feel that with this one company, most all of our customer's needs are satisfied.