2013 Jamis Dragon 650b -20th Anniversary Edition of the Jamis Dragon

Post date: Mar 02, 2013 9:10:24 PM

Hardtail 650B Mountain Bike with Trail Geo

The fabled Jamis Dragon frame! Now available as a 650b Trail bike! Jamis Dragon's were conceived 20yrs ago, back in 1993, and the Dragon frame platform really established Jamis's reputation for making high-quality, super-durable, light-weight, reasonably priced mountain-bike racing machines out of steel. We applaud Jamis Bikes for sticking to their guns, and continuing to make high-quality steel frames for serious riders who understand the truth. Steel is real. Steel is strong. Steel flexes. Steel is a fabulous material for making mountain bike frames that feel great, last forever, and put big smiles on the faces of their riders. Although 26" Jamis Dragon's are no longer being produced (frame only in 2013), Jamis is still pumping out Dragon 29ers & 650b's. 

I actually ride both a Dragon 29 Race, and a Dragon 650b. I love being able to choose one wheel size, or the other, depending on what, and where I am going to ride. Some trails are just more fun with a certain wheel size, instead of the other. If you don't agree with me, then maybe you need to diversify your trail-riding once in a while. Here in State College there is definitely enough difference between various local trail systems in order to justify having both wheel sizes in your 'quiver.' Its all about having the right tools for the job at hand.