Jamis Bikes - Team Jamis

Post date: Aug 19, 2013 2:24:14 PM

Another very cool Jamis Bikes video! These videos make me want to go ride every time I watch one. Jamis Bicycles makes great riding bikes, period. If you haven't had the opportunity to test ride a Jamis yet, then do yourself a favor, and do so before you invest in another new bike. Before I started working for Eddie's, I had never heard of Jamis, and I would never have given them a chance. But, after working here for a while, and after I test rode enough Jamis Bikes, I quickly realized that the Jamis brand bicycle rides as nice, or nicer than anything I had ever ridden in the past. Now, they are my favorite brand. I think their brand is a tremendous value over the other more well-known brands in America.