Winter time means ...Bar Mitts!

Post date: Oct 21, 2013 10:9:15 PM

Winter is fast approaching and it is time to start thinking about keeping those hands warm. You may used gloves in the past, but gloves are nothing compared to Bar Mitts. Bar Mitts attach to the bicycle's handlebars and you just slide your hands into them. So, they are always right where you need them, no more rushing around in the morning to find your gloves.  Even if you find your gloves, chances are, they are wet from last night's ride... Bar Mitts dry very quickly, so that's a huge plus. The Bar Mitts are so warm and toasty, you probably won't even need to wear gloves when using them.  This leaves your fingers free and clear to operate your bicycle's brake levers and shifters with ease without being hindered by clumsy gloves or worse, mittens. The Bar Mitts work with either flat bars or drop bars, although there is a specific model for both types of handlebars. We try to keep both models in stock here at the shop during the winter months. Bar Mitts are awesome, I strongly recommend trying them out this winter season. You'll thank me come spring.