Jamis Renegade Adventure Road Bikes Are In Stock NOW!

Post date: Jun 11, 2015 5:44:56 PM

The Renegade has come to Eddie's Bicycles! Its very easily one of the most highly anticipated Jamis bikes of all time. And the Jamis Renegade certainly does not disappoint. Jamis definitely did their homework when they designed this bike!  "...this bike is ready for back roads, beat up streets, dirt paths...you name it."

There weren't too many choices up until this point for cyclists who wanted a lightweight drop bar road bike that can truly go anywhere and do most anything. Say "hello" to the Renegade. A true to form, lightweight adventure road bike suited for mixed terrain routes and bike packing and touring and commuting and touring and... the list goes on and on. This is not a cyclocross bike. The Renegades strength lies in its 'long and low' endurance inspired geometry. Adventure bikes are equipped with disc brakes, for dependable all weather braking performance. They also have the ability to run a full bodied 40c tire for true off-road adventure capability. But, if you want to do the local road race on the weekend, then swap those 40c tires for something in a 25c tire. If you want to commute to work once in a while, then try a 35c tire with full wrap fenders. There are plenty of options with just one bike. Hidden rack mounts and removable fender mounts make all of this possible without detracting from the simple beauty of the unadulterated bike.

Just recently, Jamis completely updated their website, and they did a fantastic job. Check out the adventure category webpage... just follow the link.  Adventure Bikes

So far, the new carbon adventure bike from Jamis is being highly praised by a number of different publications. If you're interested in reading some reviews, you'll find them below.