Custom Bicycles - Built to Your spec or Ours

Nothing beats building a custom bike. 

You get exactly what you want; no more, no less

Realize your goal, pick the frame you want, pick the parts you love, and we will build the greatest bike you will ever own. 

Custom bicycle projects are all about creating something unique and specialized to just one rider. 

Don't just settle for a box bike like everyone else. 

Build yourself a custom rig that will be the envy of all your future group rides. 


Frames for custom bicycle builds are available to us through Gunnar Cycles, Jamis Bicycles & Surly Bikes. Links are provided below to search for frames on their respective websites, and/or give us a call for advice. We are more than happy to recommend a frame best suited to your individual needs. If you already have a frame, then bring it in and we'll get it built up for you. If you have a bike project that's been taking too long to put together, let us take care of it for you. Dust off that frame, dig up that box of parts, and bring everything in for us to assemble for you.

Custom Hand-built Wheels

While you're at it, don't just settle factory built wheels either. Our experienced wheel builder can build an set of custom wheels to go along with that custom bicycle. Choose hubs and rims and spokes specific to your needs, and invest in a long lasting, fully serviceable set of wheels that will keep you rolling smoothly and true for many years to come. All our handbuilt wheels get Lifetime Free Truing!  We stand behind our handbuilt wheels 100%

Previous Custom Built Bicycles

We always try to keep one, or two custom bicycle projects on the sales floor for display here at our shop. If you would like to see some of the recent builds we have done lately, check out the bicycles below.