Dragonslayer Promo from Jamis Bikes - the Bike to be Looking at in 2016!  Check out this cool video.

Post date: Sep 23, 2015 8:34:49 PM

The Jamis Dragonslayer is the next big thing in mountain biking! The adventure riding category is appealing to so many riders nowadays. There's something so alluring about the ability to go anywhere on your bike, truly. Bikepacking is becoming more and more popular everyday. Bikepacking is basically combining cycling with camping. Obviously, having the right bike can make that experience that much more enjoyable. Why choose a Dragonslayer? Well, the primary reason is this burgeoning new plus wheel size on a 45mm wide 650B rim. The 650 plus wheel has an outside diameter equal to a 29er, but it has a 3" wide tire, with less air pressure, way more float, just as much rollover, a much smoother ride, and greatly improved traction. The perfect bike for getting out into the wilderness and truly going anywhere. You certainly don't need roads, you don't even really need trails... just get on it and make your own adventure.

Then, there's the steel frame. Jamis knows how to make a great steel frame. They've been doing it right for a long damn time. Their Dragons have been revered by steel frame enthusiasts for many years. Jamis was one of the very first USA bicycle companies to offer a production line mountain bike with Reynolds 853 double-butted, air-hardened, heat-treated tubing. So Jamis appreciates steel, and they know how to work with it. How to make it stiff where they want it, and how to make it flex where you need it, too. Sal Crochiola, Jamis's stellar mountain bike designer, used a proprietary blend, super light, triple-butted 4130 steel to construct the steel frame of the Dragonslayer. He was more than pleased with the way the bike rides, boasting that he was crushing all his old Strava times with the plus sized 650 wheel.

In addition, the Dragonslayer has all the new bells and whistles as far as axle standards go. The rear hub is Boost 148, which means the flanges of the hub are spaced wider apart. This wider flange spacing improves the bracing angle on the spokes creating a more laterally stiff wheel. The Boost hub also provided the clearance needed to make the 2x10 drivetrain work more efficiently. The front hub is 110mm spacing, also for an improved bracing angle on the spokes. So the 'Slayer will be running new, current axle standards on both wheels, which is nice. There's adjustable sliding rear dropouts, so if you wanna set this bike up as a single speed, that's very easy to do.


A 27.5 x 3” tire measures out to a 29” diameter. Combining it with a 50mm rim results in the ultimate combination of traction and roll-over without being too heavy, too bouncy, too tall or feeling just too lethargic on the trail.



A custom forged chainstay bridge provides ample tire clearance with short chainstays and 2x drivetrain clearance.



A 12 x 148 rear hub with 3mm offset chainrings minimizes the chance of chain to tire contact with Dragonslayer’s short chainstays, “mid-fat” tires and 2x drivetrain without compromising any pedaling efficiency to a wider q-factor



Our sliding dropout allows for 20mm of adjustment. Slide your rear wheel back to increase clearance for larger tires or remove all those gears and shifters and simply tension your chain for a quiet single speed ride!



Securing the rear wheel to the frame by threading it into the rear dropouts is not only safer, it’s stiffer. Increasing the rear axle diameter from 10mm to 12mm makes it only stiffer still. The rear wheel tracks directly in line with the frame, for more precise handling, so you can go faster with more confidence. The 148mm hub dropouts provide a self-centering feature for the rear wheel for faster, easier installation.



The Dragonslayer frame features rear rack eyelets and three sets of cargo/water cage mounts for the option to load up all the gear you may possibly need out there. Full cable housing guides are used to ensure uninterrupted shifting performance when using a frame bag.


The Dragonslayer frame features rear carrier rack eyelets, 2x and

singlespeed capability, full length cable housing, 100mm of rear tire

clearance and three water bottle mounts including a 3-hole pattern for

attaching larger cargo style cages for lightweight gear to conquer any

off-road adventures.


Vittoria's 27.5x3" Bomboloni TNT tires provide low inflating pressures,

higher stability when cornering, lower rolling resistance and virtually no

pinch flats. Tire beads firmly lock on rim edges for easy inflation with a

standard pump.


The FOX FLOAT suspension fork features rebound adjust and 3-position

damping for unprecedented performance in all types of terrain. It's intuitive

to use and can be activated while riding.


WTB Scraper i45 TCS tubeless rims showcase what is possible with

WT69 alloy. A UST-compliant inner rim profile provides standards-driven

consistency while a tape and sealant system eliminates precious rotational



Ritchey's Trail series stem and bars are specifically designed for today's

trail bikes and pack a dramatic increase in stiffness and strength over

competitor's designs.