Hudson Sport Deluxe

Post date: Jun 21, 2014 3:5:16 PM

One of our favorite Jamis bikes is the Hudson Sport Deluxe. The Hudson is a cruiser-style bicycle with short wheelbase and a pedal-forward design. The shorter than average wheelbase makes the bike handle quicker and easier than most cruiser bikes. The pedal-forward design is the coolest thing about this bike.  The pedal-forward design positions the bottom bracket further ahead of the rider, allowing a seat height that provides full leg extension while also allowing the rider to place their feet on the ground while remaining seated on the bicycle. For some riders, being able to put their feet on the ground while remaining seated is important. A panicked, off balance rider can quickly regain their footing, and avoid embarrassing falls to the ground. The Hudson is available with traditional frames and step-thru frames. The step-thru frame is the most popular choice because it is so darn easy to get off and on the bike without having to lift your leg so high.  The Hudson is all about making things easy, and comfortable. 

The drivetrain on the Hudson Sport Deluxe is also very easy to operate. It has an internally geared hub, with a single chain ring and cog. Very little can wrong with the internally geared hub. It doesn't get dirty, or wet, and does not require frequent lubrication. It shifts every time, and can be shifted while not pedaling. A stationary rider can go from seventh gear to first gear without ever turning the cranks. Its easy to shift into easier gears while pedaling uphill, too. The internally geared hub on the Hudson has seven speeds, with plenty of range, and that range can be geared down, if necessary. Your maintenance costs with an internally geared hub are minimal. You will need to replace your chain every 1500 miles or so, and that's about it.

The Hudson is also a very comfortable bicycle. The saddle is made with memory foam, and the rails have rubber bumpers inserted beneath the saddle for added suspension, and comfort. The handlebars are positioned above the saddle, for a relaxed, upright riding position that feels very natural. Despite the upright riding position, the Hudson actually climbs quite well. The 26" balloon tires move quickly and efficiently over pavement or improved trails, while still providing ample volume for comfort and traction. The grips are ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and control.

Other nice features about the Hudson: a chain guard to keep pant legs clean; mounts for fenders, and rear racks; lightweight aluminum frame moves forward quickly and easily, and the bike is easy to lift onto bike racks; lots of colors and styles from which you may choose; and, the frame and fork come with a Lifetime Guarantee.  The Hudson is available in 5 different models: a single-speed with a coaster brake, a 3 speed internally geared hub with a coaster brake, two externally geared multi-speed models, and the 7 speed internally geared model we have discussed here in great detail. Every Hudson is available in a standard frame, or a step-thru frame.

Come in anytime to ride this beautiful bicycle. At the very least, you will have a lot of fun on your test ride!