2012 Kona Roundabout on sale now only $750  (MSRP $1000)

Post date: Jun 27, 2013 6:51:4 PM


We do not normally stock Kona bicycles anymore due to our limited showroom floor space, but we happen to have one really nice Kona commuter bike in stock right now. The Roundabout is a steel, mixte frame bicycle with a classic, retro-look to it that seems to please a lot of people.  It has a casual, upright riding position due to the back swept handlebars; a wide range of gears due to the 1x9spd drive train; rear rack and full wrap fenders are included; and a Kona chromoly double-butted steel frame.  Commuting in style.  This bike is most appealing to riders who believe form should exist alongside function.


Kona says,

"In the effort of style and functionality, the rubber meets the road with our all-new Roundabout. Built using the sweet feel of Cromoly steel, blended with traditional Mixte styling, this is a simple, well-priced, excellently styled city bike. A single chainring up front with 9-speed gearing in the back and designed for an upright, comfortable riding position, with the flexibility to take fenders and a rear rack, the Roundabout is all about getting it done avec fun."