New Cycling Shoes in Stock! Pearl Izumi X-Alp Seek V Touring / Recreational Shoe

Post date: Aug 31, 2013 7:24:32 PM

The Pearl Izumi X-alp Seek V the perfect shoe for those of you looking for a comfortable, flexible sole shoe with plenty of room in the toe box, while still providing a nice snug fit.  The Seek V is a touring or recreational shoe, so the sole is flexible enough to walk comfortably in, yet still allows you to clip in to your clipless pedals.  These are great shoes for anyone looking to commute to work with clipless pedals, and walk around all day comfortably in the same shoe you rode to work in.  They are also very good for mountain bikers who want a flexible sole shoe 

to walk through the woods comfortably when necessary, but clip in when they want to get extreme again.  Basically, its a good walking shoe, and a great cycling shoe all rolled into one.  If you're looking for one shoe to do it all, then I'd say you just found it. Stop in sometime and try a pair on.  I love them so much, I actually bought two pairs... I am already thinking of getting a third, just to put away until the other two wear out.  -Ben