Jamis Renegade Adventure Bike "Where we're going...we don't need roads!"

Post date: Jul 12, 2014 4:15:20 PM

The all new Jamis Renegade is an adventure bike.  What's that mean?  Well, simply put, you can get on this bike and pretty much ride anywhere and do anything you want to, and in the process, you're certain to have some adventures.  Its not really a road bike, and not exactly a cyclocross bike; it lives somewhere in between. Start out on a road, and end up on a trail, or gravel road, or a rail trail. Use it however you want to use it. There's no right or wrong place to take an adventure bike; its just going to handle anything you throw at it.  Jamis is offering the Renegade in two different builds, or price points, and apparently both models have hydraulic disc brakes.

For starters, the Renegade can fit up to 40c tires, 35c tires with fenders, which greatly expands the versatility of the bike. A 40c tire can pretty much take you anywhere you want to go, and they smooth out just about any trails or roads. Secondly, there are disc brakes. For all-weather, all-terrain riding, disc brakes are unparalleled in their ability to provide stopping power and superb braking modulation. Also notable on the new Renegade are the ride tuned seat stays, making longer all day rides over gravel roads a lot more comfortable. The ovalized seat stays are laterally stiff, but vertically compliant. There is also a 15mm thru-axle on the front wheel, with a new fork, with an Enhanced Compliance Offset (ECO), which makes the fork a lot more vertically compliant. The 15mm front axle helps the fork feel stable in any terrain. Both versions of the Renegade will have tubeless ready rims. There will be more on this great new bike as the details become available to us... check back again soon! In the meantime, read a more in depth review from Bike Rumor... this review goes into more detail on the unique frame features. 

Preview of the All-new Renegade Jamis Adventure Bike -from Bike Rumor