BionX Electric Bike Kits - Fits Most Bikes!

BionX electric bike kits are now available at Eddie's Bicycles! We are your official BionX dealer here in the Centre County region. BionX electric bike kits are the easiest way to turn almost any bicycle into an e-bike. Electric bikes have some very useful advantages over non-electric bikes. You can shave some time off of your daily commute, and get to work without being all sweaty. You can haul more weight on your e-bike without having to work as hard. An e-bike will get you up hills more quickly, and you can stay with the flow of traffic more easily on an electric pedal-assist BionX e-bike.

Because of the growing popularity of the e-bike concept the market is flooded with e-bike options. Even though there are a lot of e-bikes to choose from these days, you must be very careful you don't buy junk. Be wary of cheap e-bike conversions, you could just be wasting your money. If you want something that's going to really last, be low maintenance and perform well in high torque situations, like climbing hills, you want to go with BionX. After a lot of research, we decided BionX offers the best e-bike conversion kit currently available in the United States. Here the main reasons why:

BLDC Motors

Don't know what a brushless gearless DC motor is? Why is it so good? What makes it better than cheaper options out there? These are all good questions. Here's the short answer. First of all, the Brushless DC (BLDC) electric motor has no brushes, like a brush DC motor. The brushes cause wear and tear, and hurt efficiency and output, especially under high torque. Brushless means less and sometimes no maintenance and increased efficiency. BLDC motors are better than brush motors under high torque situations, like hill climbing on a bicycle. Other BLDC advantages are: higher output power, small size, better heat dissipation, higher speed ranges, and low-noise (mechanical and electrical) operation. All of these reasons make the BLDC motor a great choice for an e-bike. The disadvantages of the BLDC: they have a higher cost of construction, and require a controller that can be just as expensive as the BLDC motor it governs. If you'd like a more thorough explanation, follow the link provided from an outside source. What's the difference between Brush DC motors and Brushless DC motors?

Customer Support

So, the BionX system is a brushless, gearless DC motor, and that's a large part of the reason we chose BionX electric bike kits. Another reason we chose BionX is because of their customer support. Its been great in the past, but it continues to get even better. Now, BionX has given dealers the ability to diagnose BionX systems via computer software in house. We simply connect the BionX system to a computer and it gives us full diagnostic control. BionX can remotely diagnose the system at the same time. This level of dealer support is rare for e-bike systems, and we believe it is of the utmost importance, for both us, the dealer, and you, our valued customers. No one wants to invest in something that breaks down, or cannot be fixed quickly and efficiently. Nor do we want to sell something that continually disappoints our customers. We firmly believe BionX e-bike kits are the most viable option for us and our customers, and that's why we stock the BionX brand. Perhaps last but not least, we chose BionX because of the ride.

The Ride

The BionX e-bike system rides quietly and smoothly and its easy to use. It doesn't jerk you, and it doesn't ever make you feel like you do not have total control over the bicycle. The torque sensor which governs the proportional assistance to the motor is very sensitive, and provides exactly the right amount of assistance that the rider is looking for when they apply pressure to the pedals. Pedal hard, and you'll accelerate smoothly and quickly; pedal lightly, and accelerate slowly and gently. Its so intuitive using the BionX, no one will have any difficulty learning

how to use it. Its just like riding a regular bicycle. You just pedal, go forward and enjoy the ride. The rider has great control over the ride since BionX systems have 4 levels of proportional assistance to choose from while riding. Check out our Blog Post for more details about these proportional assistance levels and their effect on the ride.

Test RidesWe have two BionX demo models available for customers who are curious about test riding a BionX e-bike. Test riding the BionX is really the key to understanding just how amazing this electric bike system really is. We can talk about it till we're blue in the face, but riding a BionX is the quickest way to fully realize the benefits of the BionX electric bicycle. We have a Jamis Hudson Sport, a 26" cruiser-style bicycle, and a Jamis Coda Sport, a flat bar 700c hybrid bicycle setup and ready to test ride. Demo periods of a week or more are also possible, so that interested buyers can get an idea of what riding a BionX is truly like. 

More information on BionX can be found on their website...