New 2016 Jamis Bikes are Up on Jamis's All New Website!

Post date: Sep 18, 2015 8:5:7 PM

Jamis has created an all new website for 2016, and it is up and running now! 2016 has brought us all a nice selection of ALL NEW models to choose from, in fact, this might be the best fleet of Jamis Bikes yet! I'll be updating this post frequently to highlight those new models... check back very soon. In the meantime, take a look around Jamis's new website.

One of the big emerging new bicycle categories is the Adventure Riding Category. Jamis has some great bikes to offer adventure riders.  Adventure Bikes  

Keep on scrolling down to learn more about the hot new adventure bikes available. 

One of the new models is something like an adventure mountain bike, perfect for both trail riding and bike packing, named the Dragonslayer. The Dragonslayer has 650 Plus wheels. So, simply put, it's a 650B wheel with a 3" wide tire on a 45mm wide rim. The 650 Plus wheel measures out to be nearly the same outside diameter as a 29er wheel. But, there's a lot more volume in the 650 plus tire. So, this means you'll get the roll-over characteristics of the big 29er wheel, but you'll have way more volume in the tire for better traction and improved float over rough terrain.  The end result is a mountain bike that basically rolls smoothly over every type of terrain.  Adventure riders, bike packers and mountain bikers will ALL love this bike! 

Adventure Road Bikes are here! 

The adventure road bikes are going to be the most popular modern road bike in the near future.  More people are looking for a road bike that can go just about anywhere. Pavement, gravel, rails-to-trails, and dirt roads. That's where the adventure road bikes go. No one wants to be riding on the shoulder of a paved road while motorists go screaming by while looking at their cell phones. We want to be out in nature. Safe. We want to ride through state parks and along streams and rivers. Peaceful. We want to be intoxicated by the landscape and forget about day to day troubles. Freedom. 

That is what adventure road bikes let us do. 

That is what adventure riding is all about. 

These new adventure road bikes have the capability of running large volume tires, with or without fenders, with or without rear racks. 

Adventure bikes have disc brakes for dependable all weather braking performance and improved stopping power and control. 

Race it, tour on it, gravel grind, or cyclocross with it. Do whatever you want.

Jamis has also introduced a 26" fat bike this year, look for the Roughneck (pictured below)

Renegade Expert - carbon adventure road bike

Renegade Exploit - steel adventure road bike