Surly Troll Mountain Bike 1x10 with 650B wheels

Post date: Oct 20, 2015 5:7:34 PM

Surly Troll 650B

4130 Steel 1x10spd

The Surly Troll is one of our favorite bikes available from Surly for many reasons, but mainly because of its versatility. This bike was very popular while it was on our sales floor, and two 650B Trolls have already came and gone through here already. While this bike is no longer on the sales floor, we could build another one up right quick. The Troll can be run geared or singlespeed, and it can accommodate 26" wheels (which it was designed for), and 650B wheels (as seen here), or even with 700c disc wheels, if you really want to push the limits! A 29er wheel clears the fork just fine, but does not fit in the rear. Split wheel options are certainly possible, too. The Troll also has frame mounts for a Rohloff hub, Surly trailer, or B.O.B. trailer. It can be built up with canti's or v-brakes, or disc brakes. The frameset includes the rigid fork, but a suspension fork can be added easily. The Troll is all about being simple and effective and burly. Its a really fun bike that could hold its own anywhere no matter how you decide to build it.

Highlights on the Troll include: P35 Velocity rims are super wide, 35mm wide, so the tires on this bike look huge and provide excellent traction and volume for stomping singletrack! Also, the 1x10spd drivetrain really simplifies things out on the trail, while still providing a wide range of gears.