Jamis Bikes Adventure Road Bike -the Renegade

Post date: Jan 14, 2015 4:57:52 PM

The adventure road bike is one of the newer road bicycle categories, and its rapidly growing in popularity. An adventure road bike is the bike you would choose if you wanted to do all your riding on basically one bike, and you didn't really want any limitations to where you can go. The adventure road bike could likely be viewed as the new modern road bike. This is the bike to use on your century rides, your gravel rides, your Grand Fondos, your commutes, your touring rides, or charity rides. An adventure bike is the perfect bike for all these applications.

The new adventure road bike from Jamis Bikes is called the Renegade. The Renegade is shaping up to be quite an amazing bike with true do-it-all capability. It will have a carbon frame and fork, both of which have been tailored to every frame size. For instance, there are three different forks, each with different trails, and with 15mm thru-axles; two different rear triangles with asymmetrical chain stays and ride-tuned seat stays; disc brakes, incorporating Jamis's new cam system to mitigate the detriment of heat build-up; the ability to run tire sizes from 28c to 40c (35c tires with fenders); and, hidden rack and fender mounts, just to name a few amazing qualities of the Renegade. And of course, Jamis's size specific tubing SST will further improve the ride. The video below will cover all these design features in greater detail.

Cyclists looking for a high-tech, drop-bar road bike that’s truly go-anywhere/do-anything capable had few choices until today. Meet the Renegade. This is not your standard-issue, “heavy duty” adventure bike. The lightweight, full carbon fiber monocoque frame and fork soaks up the rough stuff and smoothes those mixed terrain routes, thanks both to the inherent shock-damping characteristics of the material as well as the long and low endurance-inspired geo. With disc brakes and the ability to mount a full-bodied 40c tire, this bike is ready for beat-up streets, back roads, dirt paths you name it.

-Jamis Bikes

Please watch the Jamis Bikes YouTube video for a more detailed look at this amazing new adventure road bike; the Jamis Renegade!  Click the link here, for a First Impression Review from Bicycle Times.