Jamis Hudson Pedal-forward, Sport Comfort bicycle

Post date: Jan 19, 2015 4:39:48 PM

The Jamis Hudson series is one of our favorite bicycles in the entire Jamis collection. The Hudson is all about riding comfortably in a relaxed riding position. The Hudson is considered a Sport Comfort bicycle. Sporty, but comfortable. Some comfort cruiser bikes are long, hard to turn, heavy and cumbersome. The Hudson is not like that at all. The Hudson is easy to pedal, easy to handle, it is not heavy and it even climbs reasonably well for a comfort bike. It would be an excellent choice for rail trail rides, or riding down the boardwalk at the beech, or leisurely rides around the neighborhood.

The best thing about the Hudson is the pedal-forward design. The pedal forward design positions the bottom bracket further ahead of the rider. This allows the seat to be low enough to the ground so the rider can touch their feet to the ground while remaining seated, yet still achieve full leg extension while pedaling. This is such a popular feature of the Jamis Hudson. Most people interested in a Sport Comfort bicycle want to be able to touch their feet to the ground when they come to a stop. Unfortunately, on most bikes, that's just not possible; but with the Hudson, it is possible!

The Hudson is available in a few varieties. It comes as a single-speed with a coaster brake, or as a 3-speed with a coaster brake, or as a multi-speed with a derailleur, or as a 7-speed with an internally geared hub, which is our favorite configuration. The internally geared hub is the easy to operate, has less maintenance, and provides ample range for most every rider. The Hudson Sport Deluxe, with the 7-speed internally geared hub, has been our second best selling model for three years here at Eddie's Bicycles and Hockey Equipment.

Watch this short video from Jamis Bicycles on the Hudson Sport Comfort bicycle!

The Hudson Sport Deluxe is also one of Our Top Picks.

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